(Book Review) -Little Evil

Little Evil: One Ultimate Fighter’s Rise to the Top
Jens Pulver was always a fighter I looked up to when he knocked out John Lewis back at UFC 28, I was impressed by how he found the gap in John Lewis game which lead to the KO.

Jens was the first person to be crowned the UFC Light Weight Champion in an amazing war with BJ Penn and although this is featured in the book his backstory on how he got to the top is what really makes this book.

The product description sums it up better than I could:-

“This gripping tale follows the life of Jens Pulver, the current lightweight Ultimate Fighting Champion. Pulver reveals a youth spent in a family in which violence was the only way to deal with conflict, and in which his father’s alcoholism made all family relationships contentious. Set against Pulver’s tumultuous upbringing, this account offers insight into his rise to prominence in the ring and his drive to overcome adversity and find inner peace.”

This book is not a big book but it really packs a punch, I had the pleasure to meet Jens Pulver at UFC 100 at a breakfast buffet. Although it may be rude to interrupt his meal have been rude …  I am glad I had the chance to tell him I really enjoyed his book

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