30 days Plant-Based – Week 2 and 3

Well, another 7 days of plant-based fun … I am done with beans … so so done with Beanzzzzzzzzz. From a food point of view, alternatives to Cheese and Eggs (Soy) does not cut it, the things I have been enjoying have just been veggies, hummus and falafel.


I have weighed myself today … 96.8kg. Considering my calorie intake has been higher than last year and I have not trained as much it has been good to see a loss in weight but … time to increase my output and get these extra sessions in, to match the energy out put from last years fasting.

My wife tells me I am not complaining as much about feeling ill which I think it good … but from an energy point of view I do not feel any different.

I came across this which is pretty interesting ….

It is amazing just how little is available at restaurants and take outs for plant-based people, We have been in Birmingham this weekend and trying to find Vegan options has been a bit of a pain.

There was 2 moment over the weekend in which, I had to double check I had not just spat on some one  … we sat down at a restaurant and was handed 2 menus, neither of which was the Vegetarian/Vegan menu that had lured us in.

When I asked for the Vegan menu … the server through me a confused look and after taking a couple of seconds went and got the menu, the second was when at the same restaurant when asking for the Vegan option for a Veggie version of a meal … it was an option on the menu.

I am also sick of talking about .. Plant-based, vegan, telling people I can’t eat that because I am test plant based, is there a vegan option … sick of it.

Week 3 … has been much of the same.

week 3

Training again has been hard with coaching and training commitments, I have upped the training slightly and I have found my recovery is much better. Part of this could be down to having 0 alcohol though as well.

On to the last week …




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