(BJJ) – Half Guard Top Knee Hack

Quick hack to change the direction of your knees in Half Guard Top (HGT), seems simple thing but it has been having a positive effect on maintaining the half guard top positions.

As previously mentioned in the last “Half Guard Top” (HGT) article I wrote, my half guard bottom (HGB) game has been heavily influenced by Eddie Bravo, and often I will look towards the lock down position (leg inside/in-between legs) or into a dog fight to sweep/attack.

There are also opportunities to push the knee (outside knee, not the one in the middle of the legs) out to open enough gap to get into a butterfly guard.


For HGT we can make both of these more difficult for the HGB person by changing the angle of our knees. If our knees are pointing toward the HGB head it is much easier to get lock down on the leg in-between the legs and push away the leg at the side of the body. 

Imagine a clock and the bottom person (HGB) head is 12 o’clock, if we are on the left side (11 o’clock to 7 o’clock) we want to point our knees in HGT to 2 o’clock. With the leg in-between HGB, the heel moves towards our butt making it harder to hook the leg and gain lock down. With the outside knee, keep the knee close to the HGB (Half Guard bottom) body, making it harder to create space.


Give it a go and let me know how you get on?

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